About us


But what do we actually do?

  • We pick up vintage electronic devices of interest and refurbish them.
  • We design improvements for these vintage electronic devices.
  • We offer you refurbished products with or without improvement as well as kits to improve them yourself.

Our badass team

Composed of Thony (right), the founder and Xavier (left) the co-founder.

Thony, the founder is the man who has ancestral knowledge, against him resistance can do nothing.

Real testimonials (totally authentic)

"Before, my Game Gear only lasted two hours! Not even time to do a Paris-Marseilles to go to a seminar! But thanks to RetroKAI it now holds more than 20 hours without blinking and can be recharged in 2 hours!"

- A thirty-year-old nostalgic executive.

"Since I met RetroKAI, my consoles have been doing better! Thank you RetroKAI."

- Someone in the Cantal.