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Sega Game Gear sound card - tantalum capacitors

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Brand new replacement sound card for Sega Game Gear with tantalum capacitors.

Tantalum capacitors have the particularity to be much more stable than electrochemical capacitors in addition to having a much longer life expectancy of about 30 to 40 years compared to a maximum of 20 years for classical capacitors.

This sound card will probably be the last one you will buy for your Sega Game Gear. It does not drains more energy and does not alter the sound emitted by the console.

Totally plug'n'play. Just like the original, but better.

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Brand new replacement sound card with tantalum capacitors for Sega Game Gear, entirely redesigned by RetroKAI.

Facing the shortage of spare parts for our old consoles, the best is still to recreate them from scratch!

Totally plug'n'play like the original.

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